SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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Re: SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

stevo23 wrote:

Doug J wrote:

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wombat661 wrote:

From what I read in various news account, the bikers were trying to shut down the highway. This dad was the only one resisting and still driving. You can see in all the video he was the only car on the road. From there on, is down hill.

The bikers were doing illegal things, yes. As a responsible dad with your wife and child in the car, I would have pulled over when everyone else were pulling over. Let the gang pass. Is just not worth the confrontation. Especially since he was celebrating their anniversary. Is not exactly a life and death situation that he really had to be at whatever place they were going. Celebrating five minutes latter probably would not have mattered.

To me, that is a major lapse of judgement on the dad's part. Is pointless to blame the bikers. You got your family with you, take care of your family before challenging these bikers.

I tend to agree with you - he appears to have been resisting the brake check and who knows what he was thinking. But it could be that he had no idea what to do, the pressure of the situation may have overloaded him. I would like to think I would have pulled over and/or let them pass, but until you're surrounded and confused, it's hard to say how you will react. A mob of wacky bikers is not something I personally deal with every day - I have no idea what the conventions are.

The question the police are weighing is whether or not it's reasonable to have expected anything different from the man. I keep looking at that first stop and it's hard to blame the guy for bolting, but I also think he could have gotten away without nearly killing a guy.

This appears have gone beyond a "brake check", and became a forced stop.

Reports now state there was an off duty NYPD police officer that was participating in this event and followed it to the incident in which the SUV driver was beaten, while not participating in the alleged beating. He's reported to be on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation, his testimony might be significant to this.

I gather he's in trouble, but it's hard to tell why. I think it might only be that he didn't report his presence within the specified time period?

Yup, the police are not releasing a lot of details on this as it's an internal investigation. Depending on what news report you read, there might have been 2 off duty cops riding with the larger group. The one cop (a detective) that is/was the initial focus has been arrested.

Lots of news clips & updates on this ala Google, but it looks like it's still evolving. Stay tuned if interested, but not much to do with photography, other than helmet cams & maybe some CCTV security stuff.

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