XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

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Re: XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

s200 wrote:

I certainly wouldn't dream of judging a zoom lens by prime standards. But the blurry (not soft, definitely blurry) extreme corners I'm seeing on landscape shots at f8 are not quite as described in some reviews.

Did you try to disable OIS? When I turn OIS on with higher shutter speeds (like 1/125s or shorter) it becomes unpredictable for me to the point that some shots are blurry.

And as for the extreme corners - yes, they are blurry because the lens is corrected in software, in RAW where there's no correction (C1, dcraw, mostly everything except Lightroom) it's a little better but at the price of distortion. 35mm and 14mm are not corrected at all I believe, no need to do so.

And as for the reviews - 'extreme' corners are usually not in the really extreme corners. Look here for example:



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