I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

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That's two for two

Obama has now made Jimmy Carter look good, along with Vladimir Putin. He needs to go into the PR business. He could make some serious money - Disgraced Leader Rehab, Inc.

Carter had his faults, but he was politically astute enough not to antagonize the other side. So was Clinton, so was Reagan, and all faced opposing majorities in congress. They knew what would happen if they angered the opposition by completely disregarding them. I have no sympathy for Obama on the tp situation - he got them elected, so he gets to live with them.

I respect Obama's ideals as well worth living up to, but his bull in the china shop approach to politics has been nothing short of a train wreck. Can't remember when we had a president who so derided the opposing party - even Carter was a gentleman, and understood that he represented all citizens, not just the ones that voted for him.

If nothing else, the Obama years have given me some respect for professional politicians of any party. I never realized how difficult it was to do the job right - how to get things accomplished with a fractious congress, and not tick off half the nation in the process.

Obama has added at least one more chapter to PolySci 101 textbooks around the world - what happens when you ignore basic political reality.

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