Why they should always make 2001 limited pentax bodies:

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Ack! Ack!! Ack!!! Yamean Ron and I BOTH pre-ordered the SE/LE (whatever you call the K-3 that comes trimmed in silver)?!?!?

Except Ron also ordered one in black. Figures. Both retired and lives by himself. I already figured both, since based on all the cameras and lenses he's mentioned since I've been on this forum, he needs about a 5,000 square-foot-house just to store THEM, plus have room for a bed, bathroom and kitchen!

If I ever get out to Utah, Ron, PLEASE lemme come and see!!!

IF The K-3 turns out to be as good as we think. And IF I can finally start making some income this way again, I may be able to justify a second one in black.

I'm betting by then there will also be a new FF choice called a K-1, though. It's just starting to feel like "time." I hope Ricoh keeps some of these current models (like the K-5II and K-30/K-50) on the market for a while, so they have the kind of selection CaNikon, Sony and others have. I think that makes a difference to casual consumers who are just venturing into the field and seeing what's "out here." Plus. those three are still fine cameras -- and, of course, one of them is "available in up to 120 different delicious flavors!" (including baby-puke orange with pink trim in Ricoh's latest full-page ad in Popular Photography -- YUCK! I sat on their sales home page for about 20 minutes the other day, trying to come up with the most disgusting color-combo I could, just to see how bad it could get, and I don't think I ever found one THAT BAD!!!)


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