XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

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Re: XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

s200 wrote:

I've just jumped into the X-System, with an XE-1, plus the 14, 35 and 18-55 lenses. The 14 and 35 are sharp across the frame. Contrary to the positive reviews, however, the 18-55 has pretty soft corners at all apertures. This is my second copy, with the first pretty similar in that the extreme corners were verging on blurry.

Did I get unlucky twice? Or are those positive reviews leading me to expect too much? With two copies displaying similar characteristics, I suspect that both were performing as designed. That said, I'd be interested to hear just how soft your 18-55 corners really are. I should say that we're talking pixel peeping at 100pc, in the far reaches of each corner.

Did you do all of the firmware updates? Fuji X does not ship with up to date firmware. The 14 mm comes with a memory card that has an older FW update on it, but their are new ones past that.

FW on these lenses should be ver 3.0 and XE-1 is 2.0 if I recall.

I have the same lenses you have and same body and all is good.

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