I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

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Re: I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

rb59020 wrote:

Huffingto Post

"Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that if he were back in the White House, he would work with Republicans and Democrats to secure more funding for affordable housing and urge more flexibility in resolving differences involving the critical issue."

"I would work as harmoniously as I could with other members of the Congress, and with both Democrats and Republicans, to figure out how we can face a time of great deficits."

Not exactly from the Obama playbook.

The Tea Party faction in Congress would eat Jimmy Carter alive. Now you know why Carter only served one term.

Carter served only one term because of the economic mess he caused for the American people. His efforts for the disassembly of the American military and those good paying civillian jobs, didn't help his chance for a second term.


As soon as Barrack and the Democrats can destroy all means of available funds for the military, by 'purposely creating an atmosphere' for overloading the system with entitlements, their 'end game' can finally be resolved.
(IMO) The difference today here is, the NWO is getting closer to reality.

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