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Re: Photography stock moving PC to mac

yorkshirerob wrote:

I've always used PC, but would love to swap to iMac. I've delayed the change because I don't understand the basics.

My photographs are stored on multiple external HDDs and Blu Ray disks...

..and although it's a pretty basic question....

Will an iMac recognise the HDD's when I connect up? I'm thinking the answer is no, but as this must be a common problem, I'm presuming there's a way round it?

Any help appreciated!


Jen Yates explained it well but I would add that to forgo having to use and depend on additional software to write to the NTFS drives all you simply need to do is copy the NTFS or FAT32 formatted drive files and folders to Mac formatted drives.

Another reason for switching over entirely to Mac OS X Extended formatted drives is that some Apple apps, such as Aperture and iPhoto, can behave erratically with external drives not formatted for the Mac OS. This isn't some kind of bug. It's that Apple simply does not support using anything else besides Mac OS X Extended for such apps.

My strong recommendation is to format all your external drives (disregard your camera flash cards) to the Mac OS X Extended file format for the best and most reliable performance, especially if you are not going to be dealing with Windows much. Remember, if you do that you will still always be able to at least read both Windows file formats.

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