ISO 51200 of K-3 small sample image - not too promising regarding high ISO IMO

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Re: Who really shoots at 51200 ISO ???

Mark Ransom wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

One interesting way to shoot with high ISO is to do so to get high enough shutter speeds for hand holding, taking multiple images of the same static scene, and then stacking the images in PP after alignment to create a final low noise photo. I just wish this was able to be done in camera in a Pentax DSLR as it is possible with the Sony Nex 5n we also have. Of coarse, you give up raw output when the camera does the stacking, but sometimes I just don't care, and just want the shot.

Is there an advantage to that over simply using a longer shutter with lower ISO?

The places I've used it were pretty low light. I'm not sure I could hand hold without still being up in pretty high ISO anyway. The stacked final photos are really clean, better than is probably possible with any noise reduction that still leaves the detail intact. I'm sure its a skill level thing as well, there is a reason automated tools can be better for certain people.

Doing the same in PP with raw you give up knowing what the shot will look like while you are still at the scene. Sometimes I just want to know I have something that is good enough. There's probably a lot of ways around any issues doing the same outside of the camera, I just find the feature to be something useful at times.

Thank you

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