X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

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Re: X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

marco1974 wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

I'm still a DSLR user interested in smaller kit for landscape, travel and hiking, and I'm not invested in any mirror-less lenses yet.

That runs a bit counter to your interest in "smaller kit", as adapted DSLR lenses are typically bulkier than native XF ones...

I didn't mention adapted DSLR lenses, I just described what I'm currently using (which happens to be mostly small primes).  I'd probably buy the 18-55 for travel if I do buy an XE2.  I may use adapted DSLR glass as well.

FWIW,  primes up to about 100mm are often about the same size as mirror-less lenses and some are smaller.  There are huge numbers of primes out there (MF and AF) that have filter sizes of 46, 49 & 52mm - hardly large.  I acknowledge that fast zooms and longer teles for DSLRs are larger but I don't plan to use them on a mirror-less camera - I'll keep my DSLR for that.  To me, and for me, large and fast zoom lenses seem to defeat the purpose of going mirror-less, but it's absolutely each to his own.


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