Why are cameras so noisy?

Started Oct 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Lensahand Junior Member • Posts: 33
Re: Why are cameras so noisy?

Thanks for all the replies, very enlightening.  I'd say my GF-1 is actually louder than my 550D, which is a surprise as it's meant to be mirrorless as a MFT camera..

Thanks for the tip on the RX100...if that's a quiet machine then I'm sorely tempted.  I wonder if any of the Olympus PEN's would be a better bet than my GF-1?  I'm quite a fan of MFT as it happens.

..on a final technical point, that was interesting what was said about mobile phones and the fact they switch the sensor on and off, effectively.  I wonder why cameras in general can't just do that?  Why do they need to be 'always on' and be blanked off by a shutter?

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