Photography stock moving PC to mac

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Re: Photography stock moving PC to mac

yorkshirerob wrote:

Will an iMac recognise the HDD's when I connect up? I'm thinking the answer is no, but as this must be a common problem, I'm presuming there's a way round it?

The answer is almost certainly 'YES!' but with a caveat.

If your external drives are formatted in Fat 32 format then they will just work. No problems, you'll be able to read and write to them.

If (more likely) they are formatted in NTFS you'll be able to read from them, but not write back to them without using / purchasing third party drivers.

The reason is that the NTFS "(Windows) New Technology File System" they introduced with Windows NT is Microsoft's own beast. Apple have given us read support but they've left write support to others to handle.

The main NTFS driver is:

But google returns alternatives that may work for you.

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