ISO 51200 of K-3 small sample image - not too promising regarding high ISO IMO

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Re: Who really shoots at 51200 ISO ???

K3 has multi exposure mode ( as did K5 and K10d )

The K-3 allows you to capture the desired number of images (two to 2,000) and synthesize them into a single, eye-catching composite image with great ease. You have a choice of three synthesis modes to obtain the desired visual effect.


  • Since the K-3 calculates the average exposure level of captured images, you can create a normal-exposure composite image without resetting the exposure for each image. This is the simplest mode for enjoying the complicated multi-exposure technique.


  • The exposure level of all captured images is totaled to synthesize a composite image. When you under- or overexpose certain images, the brightness difference in these images is reflected in the resulting image.

Comparative Brightness

  • The brighter areas of captured images are averaged in a composite image, while the darker areas are expressed as they are. This mode comes in handy when synthesizing subjects such as the moon, fireworks and illuminated buildings into a single image.
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