X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

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Re: X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

TThorne wrote:

dotborg wrote:

So far the rumors seem to be pretty lackluster.

I'd love to see more exposure bracketing options.

I personally don't care about that. I've never used bracketing (or HDR) with any camera.

Minimum SS in auto ISO as well since it seems they will NEVER do it on the XE1/XP1.

Now, THIS would be useful to me too (still hope the bring it to the XE1 with a new firmware, though)

Those would make a difference to me. Of course I would be all over a bayer option, but I don't think we will see that for a while.

Bayer is inferior to X-trans for me, as it either requires an AA filter (less detail) or causes moiré (ugly as hell to me). YMMV

I am not really sure the split image focusing will be too valuable.

Not sure either. I like peaking more.

We may see the multi color peaking rolled out on the XE2 before they implement it via FW on the older models. That would make a difference.

Possibly, not sure. I find funky colours distracting. White has worked nicely for me till now.


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