Sigma Musings (Long) - Where Goeth Thou?

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Re: Sigma Musings (Long) - Where Goeth Thou?

we all know where Merrills fail -> higher ISO, that's the only reason why it's a niche cam in our bags. if they improved high ISO performance there wouldn't be any need for additional system in our bags. i'm not saying that we must be able to shoot in the dark, but good ISO3200 would be more than enough. I use my DP2M only up to 400, if I know that my final image will be B&W i might push to 1600 (so far 4 shots out of 2000)

that's why itd is usually complimented by fuji's x-pro1. when on holidays (with holiday weather = sun) i use mainly DP2M but when evening approaches i need to switch to fuji.

i'd be happier if i could use confidently DP2M up to 1600 for colour and have that 3200 ability for indoors.

but that's probably too much to ask as we are already getting something what competition doesn't offer -> excellent IQ on base ISO (and maybe +2 stops on top of that), but that IQ far exceeds anything else in the same category.

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