30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

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Re: 30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

The perceived wisdom is that subject to size & weight issues longer is better - but as you say that you are just starting out on macro I'd give the Sony 30/2.8 a try. I have one & it's pretty sharp, very small & light and would give you a good intro the the world of macro.

The big advantage is the cost - if you end up not doing much macro then you haven't spent too much money and if you want to progress you've a much better idea of what you need.

Another minor point is that it doubles as a discrete walk-about lens if you like that sort of thing .

The main disadvantage is the very short working distance, but I haven't found it a big problem & you can often work round the problem.

Happy hunting !


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