Wow...Paul Ryan said something intelligent!

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Re: Wow...Paul Ryan said something intelligent!

D P O'neil wrote:

I think you might be on to something Dusty. Have you thought about going into politics, your country needs more people like you. Forward thinkers, close the borders, enough with these foreign immigrants.

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Dennis P O'Neil APSNZ
"People are dying to live in America"

They claim they want to live in a country that gives them a better life , but they forget we had to defend this land from people who only wanted to kill Americans , and that was only about 100 years in our past .

Now insead of wanting to kill all of us they only want to steal our nation . What next ?

Why don't they go mack to Mexico and build their own better nation and build their own better lives , instead of stealing what Americans had to die for .

These are some vicious hardened drug dealing criminals . Surely they can take over their own Government and fix what they want fixed . They have no difficulty corrupting our government to steal our nation .

Americans need to wake up and steal their own nation back .

Begin by treason enforcement against any politician who offers us surrender to invasion bills in our own government , and by our own President . This one originated in the Re puking can party . So they are both the same when it comes to destroying the American people and the theft of our nation .

I actually hate both parties when I realize this .


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