30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

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Re: 30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

If you have a good lens or two to work with you could always get an af extention tube.  This was with a 75-200 and I think around a 12-15mm extention tube.   With a  zoom you can very your distance to your subject a bit.  12mm is  short  but if you pair that with even the 18-50 kit and you can get some very close macros.

This is 100%crop

These were all taken with an auto-focus extention tube and various lenses .a Minolta 35-70 a Minolta 35-105  macro and a sigma 75-200. The kenko af extention I have I bought for about $45 off ebay. It is a way to check out some macro shooting then decide without a big investment.

Between the two I have, for me there isn't a need for a macro lens..If I did a lot of macro shooting there might be? Just an idea. Best of luck,brian

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