Bottom Falls Out Of SD1 Merrill Prices

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Re: Wrong Replacement

If you want to call it so, every point and shoot including cell phone camera is mirror-less.  However, they like the DPX are not systems. A mirror-less system is one that is a total system with interchangeable lenses.

Unless Sigma is willing to invest the money and I expect it is big bucks to compete with Canon and Nikon in the 135 format sensor market the mirror-less market seems to be the logical choice. With Canon, Nikon and Sony rolling our mirror-less ASP-C and even in the long run 135 format mirror-less cameras the DPX will have run its course.

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Truman Prevatt wrote:

On the Canon rumors site there is a mention of sigma announcing a mirror less system. That makes a lot more sense than a new sensor. It would be a small step to replace the DPX with a mirror-less camera system.

The DP cameras are already mirrorless.

So why would a mirrorless camera "replace them"?

Instead it seems way more likely to me that a mirrorless system would potentially replace the system with... a mirror.

So basically an SD-1 with live view, and possibly not a mirror. But with the SA mount.

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