E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Anders W wrote:

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Equally, though, if the shake were due to shutter shock, it should be just as 'fixed' with 2 second anti-shock as it is with 1/8 second. In practice, 2 second anti-shock gives just as much shake as 2 second self-timer. That's difficult for me to fit with a shutter shock explanation.

At this point, while there are certainly other tests which could be done to try to pin things down, it starts to look like a lot of time spent for minimal benefit. What matters here are the two simple observations - the E-P5 seems unusually prone to producing blurred images, and the anti-shake setting looks like an option worth trying for users who notice this and consider it a problem.


Both self-timer and "anti-shock" lag could not help against shock occurring DURING exposure, when the first curtain comes to hard stop.

Anti-shock could counteract initial closing of the shutter, self-timer could help against hard pressing on the button.

If you did not see this example please take a look:


That's the easiest way to catch "shutter shock" and separate it from any other sources of blur - use moving targets like water droplets from a spray bottle.

Precisely. And this is of course why anti-shock is but a partial help, not a panacea.

You ignored my suggestion about employing a EFCS. Simple and effective.

Didn't ignore it. I have been arguing for a long time myself that this (or a global electronic shutter) is what we really need to get rid of the shutter-shock problem.

Nikon 1's solution to anti-shake may be even better...it seems SO effective. Can't speak on it as I just bought a new 1J1 model.

That's a rolling shutter like the one on recent Panasonic MFT cams. A good thing to have when it can be used without drawbacks. Regrettably, that's not always the case.

The Nikon 1's mechanical shutter is switchable ON/OFF but it's EFCS (electronic first curtain shutter) is always on.

Sadly m43 don't see fit to install EFCF, so they get Shutter Shock requiring the 1/8 sec. delay, etc.

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