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Re: Olympus sh50

I don't thinkSh50 is better, and I would never attempt to portray that. At the end of the day, the Xz1 is an advanced point and shoot. The Sh50 is a point and shoot with some features I wanted in a smallish package. Neither of them has a huge sensor like my Canon G1x, so they cannot compete in that sense for my needs.

What the Sh50 has for me are the Olympus colours, the magic filters( I know, some people hate them), incredible video mode with 5 axis Is, and a very useful  25mm-600mm zoom in an Xz1 size package.

Again though, It won't replace an Xz1. The Canon G1x did that for me.

BobT wrote:

Do you honestly feel that the Image Quality of the HS50 is better than that of the XZ-1? I'm not arguing, just asking for your opinion. I have experienced the XZ-1, but not the HS50. Thanks

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