A ridiculous review?? of the GX7

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Re: A ridiculous review?? of the GX7

jeffharris wrote:

markintosh13 wrote:

snack wrote:

markintosh13 wrote:

A ridiculous interpretation of a GX7 review.

His review makes me look at the GX7 as a viable alternative to the M1.

Sorry...his review is no more than opinion. Here is a far better breakdown an assessment of this camera:


Uh... aren't all reviews... opinion?

You call Huff ridiculous and yet you point me to a review that wants me to stick my pinky finger out and up in the air like a snobby tea drinker and call that a far better review?

It's ridiculous that you didn't read the review where Tyson clearly states the photo was a joke. It's actually one of the better GX7 reviews I've read.

Steve Huff's GX7 review was quite good as well, even with the relentless mentions of the EM1.

They BOTH like it!


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