Larger formats have less perspective distortion: My Theory.

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Re: Larger formats have less perspective distortion: My Theory.

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I will compare a 35mm “full frame” sensor (36*24mm) with a 1/ 2.3 “compact” sensor (6.17*4.55mm). because they are different aspects let’s just look at the vertical. Each sensor is supplied with an appropriate lens to give a vertical angle of view of say 60 degrees.

If we set the two cameras up in a room were the centre of each sensor is exactly 100cm high off the floor. So the light from the subject is taking the exact same path to get to the centre of each sensor.

But the top of the full frame sensor is at 101.2 cm and the top of the compact sensor is at 100.2275cm. Almost a cm difference. The light from the subject is coming from different angles to the sensor at this part of the image. E.g. if the subject is a 1cm high cube with its centre also at

Total BS. Light from the subject comes to the front element of the lens, not to the sensor directly. And it has nothing to do with perspective distortion either.

OK, but isn't the part of the lens that gets direct light from the subject (and directs it to the top part of the image)

The whole front element receives light which will be directed to EVERY point on the sensor later. Except in rare special cases such as mirrors, every point of your subject reflects or emits light in every direction, and tiny part f that cone of light is captured by the whole front element (excluding the case when part of the front element is shaded which is not relevant to the issue).

higher up on the full frame system than on the compact system in my example. The light is still coming from different angles.

Not really, depends on aperture etc. And because lenses are round, if a lens is bigger, its front element protrudes BOTH higher and lower. Of course it has nothing to do with perspective in practical terms except maybe for macro (where it is known for lenses to change effective FL with close focus).

If you raise your camera up 10cm you change its perspective in relation to the subject. Would you agree? So if this happens within a system it comes under the umbrella of perspective distortion I would say. The question is IF it happens, and I have a feeling it does.

You are just bad at geometry.

You are bad at not being a dick.  No offence. Just being objective.  I take your points on board.

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