Breaking News: White House and IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info!

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Re: Breaking News: White House and IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info!

knox wrote:

Allochka Emiliana wrote:

Liberals on this forum won't touch this breaking news....LOL

You do remember the 'boy who cried wolf' story right? You post so much crying about Obama and his administration that most aren't taken serious . . . I wouldn't break yer arm patting yerself on the butt if I were you. This is just one more in the trolling 'post and run' scenario you live for. I'd say most people don't even go to your links anymore.

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I believe this is in violation of the terms of use , You are not supposed to do this defamatory name calling here .

But it makes no difference what you call someone it does not offer any new information on the subject of the thread and it does not change the facts .

The point of this , The exposure of the Obama White House involvement in , and his use of the IRS to , attack his Political opponents with the use of the IRS to unlawfully and punitively deny and to delay indefinitely the legal and normal tax exemptions for some non profit organizations , in this case the TEA Party who every one knows Obama and certain anti American political groups .

The fact of this is transparent and obvious to normal and intelligent Americans , and now there is even more evidence to support this fact .

Do all the name calling and other defamatory methods , the only thing you prove is that you are fanatically Obama supporters , no matter how much harm he does to this nation .

In your own hysterical and defamatory language People are tired and tuning out of the same knee jerk name calling defense of Obama when any facts of the criminal methods the Obama Muslim Mole get exposure .

It isn't a secret anymore , and you nut cases will just have to get used to that and take your lumps as they unfold on you .

Stop the whining and grow up .

Obama is a Muslim Mole . He proves this every time he opens his mouth or writes another Executive order .

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