Nearly Opposite Reactions to the Latest News - Nikon vs Pentax

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Re: I sympathise with...

paulkienitz wrote:

Leandros S wrote:

...the people who say the D610 should have AF at least as good as the D7100. They probably went out getting a D600 thinking they'd be playing in the king class (you know, with all the full frame hype), and found they were bettered by the flagship APS-C from the same company.

And now Pentax poops them this all-around APS-C wunderkind while their beloved is addressing problems that Pentax fixed two years ago.

It would be hard not to then look at yourself and wonder where exactly you had taken the wrong turn.

In the meantime, from what I've seen the Canon people are completely smug and don't care a bit about the K-3. I guess I'm starting to understand why Nikon never could catch up to Canon.

I was surprised Canon didn't release the 7DII this fall.  They said no new cams until 2014.  Canon may have looked at sales forecasts and decided the future is FF goodbye high-end aps/c at least.  I'm not sure, but they sure are slow bringing that 7DII out.  Same with Nikon the D400 is plenty overdue as well.


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