E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Timbukto wrote:

Andy Westlake wrote:

Overall, it seems to me that the only real point of disagreement left is that I don't think the specific vertical double-image I see with the E-P5 comes from the same mechanism as the 'shutter shock' images I have - the blur is just so much stronger. Here there's one specific point worth discussing:

Anders W wrote:

However, what you said about your own test results in a prior post (i.e., that you see the same blur with the E-P5 when you shoot with as much as two-second self-release or anti-shock delay) rules out, to my mind, the possibility that it is the shock due to button-pressing that is the culprit. As far as I can see, there is no way the "shock" due to button-pressing could last as long as two seconds.

Equally, though, if the shake were due to shutter shock, it should be just as 'fixed' with 2 second anti-shock as it is with 1/8 second. In practice, 2 second anti-shock gives just as much shake as 2 second self-timer. That's difficult for me to fit with a shutter shock explanation.

At this point, while there are certainly other tests which could be done to try to pin things down, it starts to look like a lot of time spent for minimal benefit. What matters here are the two simple observations - the E-P5 seems unusually prone to producing blurred images, and the anti-shake setting looks like an option worth trying for users who notice this and consider it a problem.

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Andy Westlake

There have been users that felt that the E-PM1/2 or E-PL3/5 camera's also behave a bit differently in regards to shock compared to EM-5 but it has never been mentioned in previous reviews. Is this because these are less premium products and not as much review time is given to them, or is it because they legitimately have less 'noticeable' issues than even the new E-P5? Technically these camera's are the lightest of the bunch, and possibly the most prone to these issues.

I would say that when I hold my E-PM2 via supporting the bottom and I turn off IBIS when not needed, I would never get anything objectionable at 17mm. Overall IBIS is very iffy to me. Anti-shock can help, but it seems like its very much a wash for me where I can just try to support the camera to my best ability and the faster shot rate easily makes up for any difference there.

I have found the same thing with my E-PM1. I'm getting the best results with IBIS turned OFF and with a 1/8 second delay.

I like the camera...once optimized to non-default settings it is very much like any of the 12 mp cameras only faster.

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