XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

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Re: XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

s200 wrote:

I've just jumped into the X-System, with an XE-1, plus the 14, 35 and 18-55 lenses. The 14 and 35 are sharp across the frame. Contrary to the positive reviews, however, the 18-55 has pretty soft corners at all apertures. This is my second copy, with the first pretty similar in that the extreme corners were verging on blurry.

Did I get unlucky twice? Or are those positive reviews leading me to expect too much? With two copies displaying similar characteristics, I suspect that both were performing as designed. That said, I'd be interested to hear just how soft your 18-55 corners really are. I should say that we're talking pixel peeping at 100pc, in the far reaches of each corner.

It depends on aperture and focal length (worst at 55mm). There is some field curvature with this lens. If you are shooting a flat field subject try using one of the edge focus points.

It will never match the best primes, but it's better than the 18mm.

Having said that its better than the huge Nikon 24-70.

A touch of sharpening and it's not visible in prints.

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