Question about OMD EM1 image quality?

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Question about OMD EM1 image quality?

Biniou1907 wrote:

Hi, it seems that an IQ problem appears in some OMD EM1 pictures.
You can see it in the sample gallery of Dpreview (EM1 first impression review / P9010042 image).
Tree Leaves show a lot of white artifacts.
A new owner of the camera complains about the same problem on Flickr.

He asks if it could be linked to AA filter cancellation??

What could be the explanation and do you think that this issue could be fixed?

Thanks a lot

Looks like horrible bokeh like that from a mirror lens, usually on a normal lens the result of over-correction of spherical aberration in order to get a sharper focused lens is a blur disk that has sharp edges, this is a doughnut ring, weird.

The only way to sort it out is to use another M4/3 body, say a Panasonic one at the same aperture and scene using exactly the same lens.

If it is the 60mm macro lens then it is a worry as my results show a nice bokeh, very smooth indeed, on my E-PL5.

From the DPReview sample P9010042.......

Maybe some IBIS weirdness but none of it is really obvious in the focused part of the image. I see an odd sort of double image there in that crop above as well as the weird blur disk. Looking again at the focussed part I seem to be able to detect a slight (very slight) double image effect.

Truly a weird effect, maybe IBIS mischief at work. The AA filter absent would not cause that effect.

Regards...... Guy

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