Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

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So, let's recap these rather dreary responses

"It's the law"

Segregated schools were once the law, as passed by our representatives. That does not mean that it's a good law, or that it shouldn't be rolled back. The fact that the House was lost to the dems shortly after obamacare was passed should tell you something... unless you can come up with better spin than 'it's the law'.

"Most people support obamacare".

Unproven, and contrary to the results of the last two polls - that really count - were taken: House elections in 2010 and 2012, which put the republican party, on a 'keep obama in check' platform, in control. Oh, the senate has been losing a few dem seats, too.

"the house should just take a vote".

The house did pass just such a measure, and it's now in the senate. It defunds Obamacare as well as raising the debt limit. So why doesn't the Senate 'just take a vote'? Try that one on for size, and see how most of your arguments have to be reversed to make that case.

"We should continue to operate while we debate the deficit"

We tried that, and it doesn't work. It never happens. Hasn't happened in the 50 years this country has been running deficits. The last time the debt limit came up was last fall, and the threat of it got some agreement on cutting budgets, which was never carried out, and we now have automatic cuts kicking in - sequestration.

And here comes Obama with another entitlement program that can't possibly fund itself. What will that do to the deficit that he and congress have been unable to restrain themselves to get under control? It will push it higher. Much higher.

If we weren't running record deficits and borrowing record amounts of money we can't pay back, we wouldn't have to raise the debt limit.

Duh just doesn't express it...

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