E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: This whole thread is making me glad I bought the EPM2.

Timbukto wrote:

E-PM2 has it as well, but never so bad that it could possibly mess up a 35mm equivalent shot (i.e. the 17mm). Also you are correct once I turn off IBIS, and firmly support the bottom of the camera (and not just left hand on the lens), I can basically fire 8fps of decent shots where the throwaways are usually my fault or too slow shutter, etc.

I've only tested as far as my 45mm, my 45-150 I truly get mixed results sometimes and will need to play with it some more and see if its also a better when IBIS is off lens. Another interesting thing is I am able to specify the focal length on my IBIS...but I thought that should have been automatic for native lenses...but maybe I'm missing something.

How do you feel about anti-shock? Sometimes I feel it can give me the sharpest pictures...and sometimes I feel that shooting 8 fps with firm support is just as good...

I dont do "rapid fire" very often except by accident (I do leave the camera in that mode, but usually disengage the shutter fast enough).

I'm not "fond" of the IBIS in any of the PENS nor the E-620, but I will switch it on if Im shooting something at 50 - 100 mm and the light is such that I have what I consider too slow a shutter speed. Sometimes it helps, but mostly not.  The IBIS in the 510 and 520 was much more robust/helpful.

I prefer OIS for the PENS as well as the Panasonics M43 cameras.

I use a two handed grip on all the PENS that I have as well as my G-3.  Right hand in traditional position and the left hand wrapped around whatever it can grip (the lenses tend to be too small to grip).

I don't shoot using the LCD much.. too difficult for my tired, myopic eyes so I use an EVF on the PEN cameras (I have EPL1, EP3, and EPM2 for the Pens, G1 and G3 Panasonic).

I've had no need for the anti-shock (yet) at least not that I've noticed.

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