Bottom Falls Out Of SD1 Merrill Prices

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Re: Bottom Falls Out Of SD1 Merrill Prices

MoreorLess wrote:

The problem the SD1 has had is IMHO that it simply doesn't offer much of a cost/size saving over a FF DSLR, yes getting FF performance at low ISO from an ASPC sensor is impressive but the advantages are limated. I can see the reason Sigma went in that direction, most higher end ASPC DSLR users don't seem to want very small bodies, they want bodies of a similar size to that which can be achieved on FF with the likes of the D600 and 6D.

Mirrorless for me is clearly different, not because I don't expect Sony and potentially others to make a small FF body but that such a body is clearly going to have to be more prone to being unbalanced its lenses. Just look at what Sony is rumoured to be offering, a 28-70mm 3.5 - 5.6 kit zoom, a 35mm F f/2.8 prime and then a "luxury" 24-70mm Zeiss F/4 zoom(god knows how much that'll cost), all that to me clearly says that lens size is holding back the system.

You nailed it, at least imo. Not many see it that way, though.

I’ve long held that the biggest advantage of Foveon is FF IQ (mostly in resolution) in an APS-C platform. Yet, they refuse to play cards to their longest suit and made their DSLR as big as FF ones.

Sigma has more reasons to go mirror-less than anyone else. They have almost nothing to lose in DSLR segment, but only loss to save. And CDAF is a lot more accurate and gets it dead on every time to take full advantage of the Foveon sharpness. And it’s no slower than their own PDAF. Just imagine a compact and light mirror-less system delivering you IQ otherwise possible only with 3 – 4 kilos of neck straining gear. Don't tell me they have DP. It's too limiting.

If a new mount is too risky, they can perhaps join Ricoh in their GXR modular system.

In any event, it can’t possibly do worse than SD. What was Sigma thinking?

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