Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

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edwardaneal wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

About a third want what the Repubs are demanding - delay, defund or repeal. Regardless, the budget bills should be about the budget

how can the funding of Obamacare not be a part of any budget - it has to be funded and that is money that the government has to spend that otherwise could be spent on other things

Obamacare is self-funded. It's not in any of the 13 appropriations bills, which is what come up every October 1st.

and the debt limit shouldn't even exist. Using them to demand changes to an unrelated law is a heritage foundation level of dishonesty.

I dont believe the republicans have tied any changes to Obamacare to the debt ceiling - I have only heard that they want spending cuts and everyone has known they would want these since the last time we were doing this

Of course I could be completely wrong, so if you can show me any data that shows that obamacare conditions have been linked to raising the debt ceiling I will happily admit that that should not be done.

"Right-Wing Activists Abandon Linking Obamacare Repeal To Debt Ceiling"

That's as of an hour ago. They couldn't really abandon something they haven't been doing, could they. Nope.

"Cruz urges GOP to use debt ceiling fight for Obamacare changes"

"Cruz said that in addition to dismantling Obamacare,...."

As a side question do you think it is good that we have to borrow to pay back what we already borrowed? - that is what they are saying, that we will default? personally I would think we could still pay our debts and just cut way back on new spending - of course this would have to be a decision of the administration so who knows which way they would go - they seem to like to make it painful to the people in order to get what they want

Of course I absolutely hate the debt, and that's one reason I hate the Republicans and George Bush II in particular.  We were on a path to sustainability until that moron came along and killed it.

you might find this interesting

"We bring in in tax revenue about 12 times as much money as it takes to pay our interest on our debt. There is no way that any Treasury secretary or administration would willfully choose to have the catastrophic results that would occur if we actually defaulted on our debt when it's not necessary. So this is pretty well understood in financial circles. You see Treasury prices have barely moved through this entire episode. But I've got legislation that would simply codify and formalize the obligation to make sure that under no circumstances we would default on our debt. Interestingly, the White House doesn't want that legislation. They've threatened to veto it precisely because they want to be able to hold the specter of a catastrophe in front of Republicans to cow us and intimidate us into giving the president what he wants, which is a whole lot of additional borrowing authority with no reforms whatsoever, and I think that's irresponsible."

so he, the Senator, has proposed legislation that would guarantee we can never default and Obama has said he would veto it - - - - why do you think that is??

Because it's stupid.  It's saying we'll shut down most of the government programs to keep paying entitlements and interest if we aren't smart enough to do something a little smarter.  Are we really that dumb (as a whole I mean - not just the TPartiers)?

That's like saying you'll stop feeding your family in order to make your mortgage payments, and you'll enforce that by telling all the food source not to accept your money until your mortgage payment is payed each month.

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