E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: This whole thread is making me glad I bought the EPM2.

herebefore wrote:

Yes, I can "force" the EPM2 to give me what looks like shutter-shock, but it is mostly accomplished by having the IS turned on when I dont need it.

Its sounding to me like there might be a "design flaw" causing the blurred images.

E-PM2 has it as well, but never so bad that it could possibly mess up a 35mm equivalent shot (i.e. the 17mm).  Also you are correct once I turn off IBIS, and firmly support the bottom of the camera (and not just left hand on the lens), I can basically fire 8fps of decent shots where the throwaways are usually my fault or too slow shutter, etc.

I've only tested as far as my 45mm, my 45-150 I truly get mixed results sometimes and will need to play with it some more and see if its also a better when IBIS is off lens.  Another interesting thing is I am able to specify the focal length on my IBIS...but I thought that should have been automatic for native lenses...but maybe I'm missing something.

How do you feel about anti-shock?  Sometimes I feel it can give me the sharpest pictures...and sometimes I feel that shooting 8 fps with firm support is just as good...

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