"Obamacare's Financial Unraveling; Predictable and Predicted"

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Re: The CBO states without reservation

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Obamacare's Financial Unraveling: Predictable and Predicted



thank you

The Romney Care will cut the deficit.

How is a Massachusetts law going to cut the Federal deficit?

Perhaps you meant to refer to Obamacare (the President himself has said on several occasions that he endorses the term "Obamacare" for the ACA)

Fk Obama and his shity law. I'll call it Romney Care because it's a Republican Plan whose only virtue is that it's better then nothing. Since you KNOW this, you're just being disingenious.

CBO Report

Argue whatever you want to, but it's a DAMNED lie to cite the CBO when they say the opposite of your claims.

I argue nothing.

I presented Charles Blahous' analysis. He comments specifically on the CBO's analysis:

Why ACA increases deficits

But you want a quote form the CBO?

Here's one (from the Blahous reference)

As CBO states, “In keeping with the rules in section 257 of the Deficit Control Act of 1985, CBO’s baseline incorporates the assumption that payments will continue to be made after the trust fund has been exhausted, although there is no legal authority to make such payments.”


I cited a source. You seem to have a hard problem with the Actual statements of the CBO. Those statements INCLUDE saying that the deficit will be GREATER if Romney Care is repealed.

No, ands, ifs, or buts


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