Sigma Musings (Long) - Where Goeth Thou?

Started Oct 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
HBowman Senior Member • Posts: 1,237

I agree that SIGMA should move to a FF/MF system... in parallel with the actual APS-C system.

I Think they can do it, even if it is a gamble. BUT, they do have a good marketing approach, and probably the funds to do it.

Tweaking the current APS-C line by adding strong electronic for quickness and a live view is mandatory.

That said, they have the choice. Foveon is a good way and an awesome technology. They should be able to build a 22MP 48x36mm sensor with a 16 bit output, a body to go with, some lenses to start and a wide variety of adapters to adapt other brands lenses.

If they do it, be sure (even if the price is stratospheric) that many pros will move to this system, more than the few ppl who moved to pentax 645D. The 16 bit output is very important.

It will be a niche market, for sure, very few sales, but foveon have a reputation and studio/product photographers do not mind shooting at low ISO.

But, if they don't do that, they simply can jump on a FF DSLR (14 or 16bit), they will be clients for sure and the lenses are coming soon

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