Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

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A substantial number of voters, as expressed through their representatives, do not like how Obamacare was done.

Regardless, it's the law,

who cares if its the law - laws get changed all of the time - why is you think this law is some how special and can never be changed?

democrats are always trying to change our gun laws and I am sure you are good with that - so whats the difference?

They aren't a minority holding the country and the President hostage to do it. They are doing it legally.

Republicans and many americans want changes to the ACA

Yeah - about 1/3 of the people do.

56% of the people want the personal mandate delayed. Obama has delayed other mandates, why cant he give the Republicans this when a majority of Americans are for it?

About a third want what the Repubs are demanding - delay, defund or repeal.  Regardless, the budget bills should be about the budget and the debt limit shouldn't even exist.  Using them to demand changes to an unrelated law is a heritage foundation level of dishonesty.

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