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Re: Other mounts don't matter, Sigma has already addressed

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Over time the "limitation" of the Sigma lens mount has dropped significantly. At this point for 99% of shooters there is no "limitation" because at any given focal length the Sigma lens is the one you'd be buying for any system anyways. Sigma has, through innovation in lenses, created more value in the SA mount too.

Yes and no.

I agree that almost every needed lens is produced in SA mount (TS ones excluded), in very good quality.

At the same time what is availabilty of SA mount lenses? I would suspect than in most countries it is essentialy zero. (Same for cameras.) I can tell from experience - we here in Estonia have one Sigma reseller, some years ago they had most popular SA lenses in store, one copy of each. I bought three of these (at good discount, because for two years no one has interested in these), maybe someone got other three (I know at least one more SD14 owner here) - and currently they even don't list SA mount lens on their website anymore. (They list SD1 with original price however... Sure this camera is not stocked.) Old egg and chicken problem.

About genereal question - what kind of cameras Sigma should produce in future - very hard to guess. My thoughts, probably unreasoned:

  • Medium format camera - too little demand for these, need to design new lens for it.
  • High-end DSLR (SD1M successor) - probably yes, esp with same sensor.
  • I personally would be interested in some SD15 successor - but general public probably wouldn't buy yet another low- (or medium-) end DSLR. Everyone has got some cheap C, N or P DSLR (with green mode - full auto) already and they won't buy anything from other manufacturers.
  • Mirrorless (EVIL) system - technically very challenging (esp image processing part - people will use every possible lens with these cameras) and there is very strong competition; so seems to me that demand for these cameras is declining.
  • DP series with fixed lens - if they can reduce power drain and processing speed, then maybe; I personally would be interested in camera with 10mm lens (15mm eq on 35mm).
  • DP series with zoom lens - technically challenging, would eat fixed lens DP market share.
  • DP series with dual (or triple) focus lens - a bit easiear to develop than zoom, I'd be interested, but people wouldn't exactly understand such lens. Or...?
  • Compact camera - like said everywhere, smartphones fulfill this niche already.
  • Smartphone - almost impossible; power constraints are too hard.
  • Video camera - well, just impossible
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