First field experience with NEX 5R

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First field experience with NEX 5R

Well, After a while with my 5R and mostly just playing around with it, I finally had a 2day trip not too far away from home.

it was sunny, partly cloudy, and me and my wife went to a small walk.

I use my 5R with the 1650PZ, And I really like it so far.

I had some landscapes shot, and a few portraits and it turns out very well, especially at 50mm, f5.6.

Here is one landscape shot I took, it has a very small vingetting at corners, if I had lens correction it would be perfect. the barrel distortion isn't really noticed here (IMO):

Also, I really like the OSS. I managed to take a handheld photo at 1/13s and it turns out pretty sharp.

The only thing bothers me is that when I want some PP on RAW, I then wish to use PTLens plugin in aperture. sometimes its not working properly, and the whole concept of a plugin is annoying. I know some will say "Use LR, its much better" and I know, Im aware of the lens correction (and other features) its superior with, but I really like Aperture library management, look & feel and its good communication with the rest of my mac computer.

One more thing about the flash, at first I didnt like the idea of an attachable flash, even more because it interrupts rotating 180deg' the screen.

I find it nice to use only to light shadows in bright sun, but even then, it seems a bit unbalanced.

I read the friedman book (almost entirely so far) and it recommends using flash comp. -0.3, it helps a little, but again, I prefer slow shutter speeds and "night" feel, when shooting at night.

so far, Im very glad with my pick. I really hope Apple will add lens correction soon, as its the only thing bothers me at the moment.

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