Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

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edwardaneal wrote:

as a side note the senate democrats didnt have a filibuster proof majority after scott brown won his election thats why they had to resort to tricks to get the bill through the house and then back through the senate.

Since when is passing a bill by majority vote a trick?

okay let me spell it out to you -

the Senate passed a bill with a 60 vote filibusterer proof majority they then sent the bill to the house, but the house wanted changes. The law requires that if the house changes a bill it has to go back to the Senate and be voted on again where the democrats would once again have to get enough votes to stop a filibuster..

Unfortunately for the democrats shortly after they sent the bill to the house Scott Walker won a seat in the senate, being a Republican this made the democrat majority only 59 to 41. Without 60 democrats they couldnt stop a filibuster and they knew they would never be able to get the bill back through the senate if they allowed the house to change it in committee as is normally done.

So they decided to use the trick of reconciliation other wise known as the nuclear option to get a second bill through the senate that amended the original bill making the changes that the house democrats wanted, because they used this trick of reconciliation which is intended ONLY for financial bills the rules allowing filibuster were not allowed.

so basically they used a rule that is intended only for financial bills to change the health care bill so that the house would be happy and they could cut the republicans out of having any say that they would have normally have had if the bill had followed the normal procedures and come back to the Senate for a vote.

in other words they knew it would never get through under normal procedures so they changed the rules and passed a non finance bill by attaching a simi finance bill to it after the fact

And personally I think the Republicans have a right to be upset that it was done in this manner

Be upset all you want, but they followed the rules they voted in. It is no more sinister than the Senate requiring a super rather than a simple majority to rule. Why are you not upset where the majority does not rule? Whine on.

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