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Re: About mirrorless models.

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

OvinceZ wrote:

It seems to me this would be a real winner for Sigma. Especially if released with different mounts.
However, it probably won't be produced because it would pretty much end any sales of the SD1M.

Which is exactly why such a camera would be a new SD-1M, using the same SA mount of course.

Ouch! Pentax  tried that trick with K01. A mirror less with an SLR mount.

The try was not a success.

Now, of course, the K01 could have been cheaper, slimmer and lighter and having a real grip.

But no - I think mirror less cameras need to have a short registration distance for the mount. Which means new lenses. OK - you can use the SLR lenses with an adapter. And maybe SA to ML-SA mount will preserve the functionality 100%.

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