To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

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Re: m43 or Fujifilm

hoosh wrote:

No Regrets wrote:

I am a beginner in this hobby, and the XZ-1 has been my first camera. I love that it is small, and as a result I have it with me often when a photo opportunity presents itself to me. I love the colors and how well the jpegs out of camera look. Either I've been really lucky, or this camera just has an uncanny ability to make alot of my shots look pleasing to me.

I think it has done very well in well lighted situations, but when used in low light, I get some smearing, blurring of detail, etc. Maybe it would help if I utilize a tripod...

I'm wondering what people move up to after using the XZ-1 that will overcome some of the short comings of this great little camera.

I realize that it will likely be much larger. I will not sell the XZ-1 because it suits me well for many of my needs. I'm just looking for an additional camera that I can enjoy and love as much as this little one.

Thanks much!

I have an XZ-1 and went through this thought process last year.

I'd personally pick m43, and my favourite of the bunch right now in value for money is the EPL5. This plus the Panasonic 25mm 1.4 lens is amazing.

I personally bought a Panasonic GX1 as the best value for money last year, before the Olympus line upgraded. The GX1 is still very good value for money, and in my opinion has better feel and controls, but the EPL5 just has significantly improved image quality (most notably in dynamic range) than the Panasonics.

Last year the current XE1 and lens range from Fujifilm was also not available. I'd be very tempted by this as well, they get very few complaints. With their lenses they are slightly larger, but not much, and appear to also have slightly better image quality.

Both those options will have significantly better image quality at medium ISOs. As a rough guide you could expect your current ISO 400 to look like their 1600 or even 3200. The Olympus option even has image stabilisation, so you won't compromise on that front.

Since I got the m43, I still use the XZ-1, maybe 30% of the time. The rest of the time the other camera's superiority in nearly every way (and being almost as practically compact - neither are pocketable* to me) makes it an easy choice unless I want the convenience of a compact zoom.

* I don't put anything thicker than about 10mm in pockets (and even don't like that) for aesthetic reasons.

Thank you Hoosh for the excellent and well thought reply.  It seems as though the EPL5 has been a recurring theme here as one of the best "next step" cameras for me.  I will be taking a very close look at this as well as looking into the other suggestion offered to me here.

Thank you!

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