30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

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Re: 30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

jidery wrote:

I decided I want to try out some macro shots, so I am looking at the current Sony offerings.

The 30mm macro looks like the best bang for buck as I plan to stick to crop sensors for now. Obviously, if I ever do move to FF it would be rendered useless. My biggest worry is if that is too short of a working distance. Mind you 45mm equiv isn't that wide, its not all that tight either.

So while I am still considering the 30mm macro (its an amazing price at $150) I am still looking at the 50 and 100mm macro leses. For me the prices are very close, about $100 apart so deciding between them is mostly down to what I want. I do have plenty of experience shooting with my nifty 50 on my 77, so I am leading towards that.

However looking at the 100mm, I figured with its 2.8 aperture, it wouldn't be a bad portrait lens. My biggest worry is a 150mm FOV, which may be a bit too long to work with in most cases, or am I off on that thought?

What do you think?

As for after market, I am fine with tameron, minolta and sigma, but I wold really rather stick with Sony lenses.

Out of the options you presented, I would recommend the 100mm.  As a macro it gives you more working distance from your subject, especially if you plan to take pictures of bugs that might be skittish.

As a portrait lens, it should work quite well for head shots.  It also gives you a shallower depth of field, separating your subject more from the background.  I have the Tamron 90mm that I use on my A77 and it works great as a macro and for portraits.

But if you are looking at other macro options, I would recommend looking at the newer Tamron 90mm or the newer Sigma 105mm HSM.  Both have built in focusing motors that allow for quiet focus if you want to use it for movies.  Also, both don't change length when they focus.  The Sony 100mm and the older Tamron 90mm do and it can sometimes get in your way when it does.  The Sigma 105mm seems to have gotten some pretty great reviews for its resolution/sharpness.  If I was in the market today for a new macro, I would be strongly considering the Sigma 105mm.

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