Concern about commitment to A7/A7r lenses

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Re: Concern about commitment to A7/A7r lenses

zerozeronine wrote:

I'm curious how you feel about Sony and Zeiss's initial lineup of lenses for the A7/A7r. This hodge-podge initial lineup of prime lenses (random apertures) is similar to Fuji's initial release for the X-Pro1, and there's probably a good reason for it. E.g., they're probably optimizing for size and overall functionality. Like the long lens will be fast for portraits. The others don't have to be fast, but one will be a macro, etc.

I don't think that it is aperture driven, but convenience (size/weight), and the apertures are fine for FF cameras.

All the specialty lenses can come later, or people can resort to legacy, or A-mount (with AF), lenses.

Even Leica and Zeiss made different aperture RF lenses, often the larger aperture being smaller, and cheaper, lenses.

But in the long term, if that's all you have, it's disappointing, because compact street photography isn't the only use for this new camera. For example, in the Zeiss DSLR lineup, you have a bunch of f/2 lenses. You get consistent quality and looks, and it's much like how we prefer to have fixed aperture lenses for zooms.

Patience? If this is a successful camera breed, those lenses will follow. But because of the E-mount, no one should feel limited.

I hope Sony/Zeiss is committed to coming out with a serious lens lineup, and this is just a strategy for an initial setup to get people to buy into it. Heck, I understand it's much more important to get critical mass than to satisfy people like me and not make many sales elsewhere. But I find it disappointing, because things like the Fuji X-Pro1, using APS-C, are meant for people already willing to make a compromise on quality for size. So why imitate that? If someone wants small and compact, get the Fuji. I was hoping for the best sensor/lens combo with Sony/Zeiss.

There will be a lot of initial scrutiny of the product. It has to work, and work well. If larger aperture are a part of that strategy, so be it. Fast lenses with MF are fine by me.

I'm not worried about the sensor, but do you feel like they'll eventually deliver state-of-the-art lenses? Again, my hope is that they'll come out with the serious ones after they know there's a market for this new system. I understand that the primes could still be state-of-the-art, but in the DSLR world, f/2.8 and f/1.8 primes are usually consumer-level ones.

Lots of assumptions here. The 35mm f/2.8 is a Zeiss lens, and Zeiss makes other FF f/2.8 lenses. Why is this not a state-of-the-art lens.

If you hold this next to the RX1, the ILC-camera plus lens will be about the same as the RX1 with f/2.0 lens.

Besides, in SLR days, a 'fast fifty' (f/1.4-f/1.8) was often accompagnied by a slower (f/2.8) 28mm or 35mm lens. Nothing is different here.


If Sony wants this lineup to 'catch on', they need to watch pricing. High end lenses can be superb (one of those words ), but their prices are astronomical, and only few enthusiasts would line up for them. Why not have these $300 to $600 breed of lenses. If aperture is the only trade-off, but smaller size and lower pricing is the benefit, it is not a bad deal.

Your 'super-IQ' batch of lenses will follow. Most likely, everyone will use their own favorite legacy lens first.

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