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Re: You should switch

It is clear you like the Samsung system in general due to best touch screen, best wifi, best interface and most bang for your buck on body and lens.  That's why anyone in here chooses Samsung.  IQ alone is very impressive for me as well.  Switching to another camera after NX300 proves to be difficult when you are spoiled by the modern features.  I particularly like just being able to send a JPG to facebook straight from the camera.

If you sell your stuff you will lose money, so you have a point to be concerned about switching.  I am wondering if NEX6 still might be a good tradeoff for you... it has your two biggest gripes the NX300 lacks... EVF and fast buffer.  Tradeoff is losing touch screen (which may be a good thing as you don't want your face touching a screen and messing up your settings).  So for me I see the one negative is in lenses... and maybe autofocus.  I'd recommend playing with one for a while. It does feel great in my hand and one of the best EVF's out there.  I might have gotten one, but just above my budget on a camera and system.

As I mentioned at the beginning Samsung=best bang for your dollar.  I would personally hold out until CES in January, but I would like to point out the NEX6 checks almost all your boxes...

Also, I wouldn't be so quick to say M43 is bad as far as IQ.  Olympus has OIS built into their camera bodies. EM1 has built in wifi too and the touchscreen you desire.  To me this checks all your boxes other than price and sensor size.  GX7 could be great for you too.  Sample images online with these systems show great IQ, particularly when fitted with one of the great lenses that are available.

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