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I wonder what Pentax has planned for the Tele-zoom. From the map it looks like it could cover most of 100-400mm. I presume this would be f4-5.6 and compete against similar offerings from Canon, Nikon and Sony.

I think you are right on this , but personally I would prefer a constant F4 and WR.

Are you ready to pay $10,000 for it? Really? Constant F4? yes I'd like that too but let some reality sink in before you drool!

Only $10,000? I'll have 2!

Canon charge £10,000 for their 200-400mm f/4, although admittedly that has a built-in 1.4 teleconverter!

Such a lens would weight more than 3 kilograms, and have a front element more than 100mm across. Perhaps it would take internal filters, like the Sigma 500 f/4.5.

(I suspect from the roadmap that it would be more like 140-350mm. And since it has never been a DA* lens on the roadmap, I doubt if it will be a constant f-number. But I would now expect HD and WR).

I see i was being nice with the $10,000 figure, I wouldn't mind seeing a 120-360mm F4 but i doubt that would happen. But I also might consider a 100-350mm F3.5-5.0.

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