Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

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Re: Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

Brian wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

Brian wrote:

If he already has what he wants, then there should be know issue.

You haven't been paying attention. The issue is the House Republicans threatening to do harm to the country to get what they want. Whatever that is at the moment. It is hostage taking. It is extortion.

They aren't threatening anything of the sort. They have provided solutions which BO doesn't like.

Yes, just like terrorists and hostage takers that provide solutions like, "give us a billion dollars and we will let the hostages go".

Since January the Tea Party has said if they can't repeal or cripple the ACA, they will shut the government down until they get what they want...and they provided "solutions" which most of congress does not like.

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