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Re: You should switch

Thx for your kimd suggestion, but I am actually enjoying it and using it almost every day. I spent months praising the qualities of nx300, just read my posts. I even posted on other forums in defense of nx300 when most were attacking it.

I can't see what's wrong in saying what I think it can be improved, hoping that samsung reads the suggestions.

Btw, m4/3 is not as good as aps-c in many ways. If you want the same dof you have to spend more than twice in lenses.

Nex6 is indeed very good, but does not have the touch features of nx300 and I don't like the native sony lenses. Besides pancakes are generally bad and primes are big.

So it's easier to fix the tiny buffer of nx300 and put a decent evf on a future nx30, rather reingeneering those other systems, don't you think?

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