Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

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edwardaneal, why do you hate the constitution so much???

edwardaneal wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Let's say Romney won the last election, but the House and Senate remained as they are now.

How would you feel about the Senate refusing to fund the government or pay the national debt until Romney agreed to raise marginal tax rates and reduce deductions and exemptions for everyone above the median?

I probably wouldnt like it, But like I said the democrats started this - they used reconciliation the so called Nuclear Option to force Obamacare on the republicans

so tell me - if it was okay with you for the left to use the "nuclear Option" on the republicans why is it not okay for the right to use it right back when they have the chance.

The Democrats had the votes - both houses of Congress, a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and the White House. You really can't see the difference between having the votes, and not having the votes? How dishonest can you get?

and now the republicans have the power and votes to do what they are doing

Their "power" is not defined in the constitution and a MAJORITY of the house wants to pass a clean bill.  You don't seem to understand how a majority rules government works.   All your posts always claim the minority (of if it is the GOP) should have power and should be able to determine what should pass.

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