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Re: You should switch

I think what Kenny means is that you are spending WAY too much time bashing a good camera, and it's not getting you anywhere.  Maybe you should focus on what is AVAILABLE as opposed to what could potentially be available.  Otherwise you will never be satisfied in the camera world, or in any world for that matter.

Most likely an NX30 will be released by springtime... announced by January.  Unlikely an NX400 will have an EVF... although I could be wrong.

Other brands seem to have everything you would want.  You'd probably love the NEX6.  M43 IQ with new Sony Sensors is on par with NX300 IQ and quick.  You'd probably like the GX7.  You should go check them out at the stores.  All this fuss and worry is probably worth the price at this point of switching.

Pancakes are available with these brands too (more with M43), albeit a little more pricey.

So your choice at this point is to enjoy what you have and have a little patience with Samsung, or switch now.

I'd suggest waiting it out until January.  If Samsung has nothing on the horizon by the time the consumer electronics show comes then it's safe to switch.  NX300 was introduced at this show last year.  Of course others will continue to come out with stuff by then as well.  Give yourself a deadline and save up.  Until then try to enjoy what you have.

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