Copy / Paste from Word duplicates “links”…

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Re: Copy / Paste from Word duplicates “links”…

Simon Joinson wrote:

dwa1 wrote:

I have a separate computer that is dedicated for internet use only and for testing our new software versions. It is intentionally set up with Win XP Home, IE8 (latest).

Before using the reply editor, I compose in MS Word 97 (remember, intentionally older system) and then copy the text from Word and paste into the DPR Reply editor, the DPR system will duplicate (create a separate, additional line) any lines that are "links". It doesn’t duplicate the entire text, only the links.

btw… Much thanks for creating this feedback forum.


unfortunately we don't support IE8


A - We recently updated to IE8 as per request / indication on some 2013 forum posts (Open Talk?). I looked around this site for supported browsers to no avail. So, where do I find these?

B - Also, are you sure that this is not a problem with IE9?



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