Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

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Re: Boehner: "There will be no unconditional surrender"

edwardaneal wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

y, but the Repubs don't have a veto-proof majority either, nor are they anywhere close to it.

the left, by not allowing the republicans any input on obamacare did this to themselves.

No, the people voted the Dems that many votes.

but the people did not know at that time that the Dems would resort to special tricks to shut the Republicans completely out of the health care debate

why do you think the republicans swept to victory in the house in the election immediately following Obamacare

Because the opposition virtually always gains at midterms.

- - -are you actually silly enough to think it was because the people were so happy with the stunts the democrats pulled to force obamacare through?

You are avoiding the issue.

why do you think the people imeadiatly took those votes that they gave democrats before obamacare away after they did what they did?

Why do you think the people gave the White House back to Obama, and took seats away from the Repubs in both houses of Congress at the election after that?

like I said - the democrats did this to themselves - they locked the republicans completely out,

No, the people did.  And the Democrats did what they did legally.

this wasnt what the people wanted and now the democrats no longer have the power they did before

The Republicans have almost no power, with a slim majority in one house of Congress.

perhaps the house and senate democrats should have done the healthcare bill the right way with input from all sides, perhaps if they had actually tried to pass a bipartisan health care reform bill we wouldnt be here and this on going gridlock would never have happened

You didn't answer any of my points.

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